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Soup, Chili and Sides

Soup and Chili

Manhattan Clam Chowder

Cup  4.50               Bowl 6.50

Soup Du Jour

Cup  3.99             Bowl  5.50

Crock of French Onion

Bowl  6.99   

Klee's Chili

Cup   4.99

Add cheese or onions.   .50 each

Bowl of Chili

Served with chips, cheese and onions.      7.99


Just Fries                                    Sides and Such

Basket of fries  5.99                         Baked potato  3.99

Fries and gravy   6.99                      Mashed potato   3.50     

Old Bay fries   6.50                                  Rice pilaf  3.50   

Cheese fries  7.50                   Mixed vegetables  5.50 

Sweet potato fries   7.99                      Dinner salad   4.99

Onion rings   7.99                       Caesar salad   5.99

Soup and Chili: Product
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